Becoming a Member


Anyone can become a Member (and owner!) when they purchase equity (a membership investment) in the Co-op.  At EWCM, Members pay $150 total (or $30 / year for 5 years) for an Individual membership share or $300 total (or $60 / years for 5 years) for a Family membership share.

Print and fill out this form and drop it off at the Market with your check. Yes, it’s that easy!


Besides the wonderful feeling you’ll get when you shop at “your” local market, there are a number of great benefits to becoming a member and part of the East Warren Community Market family. You’ll get access to:

  • Weekly member specials and periodic special offers
  • Special ordering privileges – case lots and bulk items, wine cases, kegs at significant discounts
  • Pre-Pay Account – maintain a convenient pre-pay account and receive 2% store-wide discount
  • Reciprocating Discounts from other participating food co-operatives
  • A Role in supporting a community-owned, locally-grown food store
  • Voting privileges.  Members are eligible to vote on nominees to the Board of Directors, any amendments to the Bylaws, and on other issues put before the membership for a vote.
  • Eligibility to serve on the Board of Directors. Members who want to become more involved in the EWCM can seek election to the Board of Directors.

(Note:  These benefits are available to Members in Good Standing who have made the required full payment or installment payments towards their equity share within the required time intervals).